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Choosing a pediatrician is an important and personal decision and we want you to feel at ease with the care you and your child will receive.

Our mission Statement

River Oaks Pediatrics is dedicated to being a leading pediatric practice in the Metro-Detroit area. We intend to serve children and their families regardless of economic and social status in a personal and humane way. We are committed to providing excellent and continually up-to-date diagnostic, therapeutic, health-providing, and preventive practices, with special attention to development, behavioral health and positive parenting practices. We intend to use innovative and sophisticated thinking in how we conceive of, organize, and deliver our care.

Our first priority will always be serving our patients. We also intend to make River Oaks Pediatrics a professionally and personall nurturing environment to our clinician and non-clinician staff.

What we mean by our Mission Statement.....

To be a leading practice: Basically, we are an ambitious practice. We want to view ourselves and to view us as an excellent practice. That means in every aspect-quality, quantity, efficiency, humanity, imagination,and innovation. We set high standards for ourselves.

Serving everyone: River Oaks Pediatrics accepts Medical Patients and always has. With so many patients in need of having difficulty finding adequate care, we want to be part the solution, not part of the problem.

Being humane and personal: Happily, those who choose to practice pediatrics are almost by definition people who want to treat others personally and with compassion and dignity. The importance of this cannot be overemphasized. Particularly with our disadvantaged patients, being well-treated by us can be a touchstone of their self-esteem. River Oaks Pediatrics might be one of the few places where they feel that they are valued. This is a gift that we can give which could be worth even as much as the medical care we provide.

But no matter a family's means, the world can be heartless. We are determined that we will be a haven for patients where they will be cared for and cared about.

Paying attention to development, behavioral health and parenting : We emphasize this function of pediatrics in our mission statement because it is so important, yet can be easily overlooked in day-to-day practice. Our system at River Oaks Pediatrics includes patient handouts that emphasize this aspect of practice. Although these topics are under-taught in pediatric residencies, River Oaks Pediatrics Physician educates himself and staff by practical experience, study, and formal educational experiences as they progress in practice.

Being very high quality: Everyone says that they want to be a high-quality practitioner. But we really want to be high quality. Naturally, this means hat individually clinicians need to keep up with the literature and try to hard to do the right thing at the right time.

But just as important, it means we have to keep the system at River Oaks Pediatrics in top working order, making it easy and natural for the clinicians to do the right thing at the right time. The whole office needs to function well so that patients are very well cared for.

Organizing, conceiving of, and delivering care in a sophisticated and innovative fashion: This is part of being a leading practice. We don't want to do things that just imitates others. We want to think about things and see if they make sense. We want to conceive of our services creatively--looking at the whole patient, not just the ear; looking at our whole population and the needs of the community at large, not just the patient who presents for the current appointment,

It is also part of having fun in practice. At River Oaks Pediatrics we want to think for ourselves and do things creatively - through innovation, we strive for continual improvement.

Serving Patients First:  Patients come first. No matter  what other goals we have, serving patients and helping then is our very highest priority. In concrete terms, this means that caring for patients comes before our own personal priorities, Even trying circumstances, we will try our very best to serve our patients with dignity. We will always think: How can we best serve our patients?

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